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Stretched Pixel is a full-services website and marketing solutions provider. We provide robust services, stretching from informational and e-commerce websites, to digital marketing, as well as graphic design and decal solutions.

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Stretched Pixel’s number one priority is our clients’ success and happiness. Client satisfaction is our number one goal.

“My experience working with Stretched Pixel has been only positive. Stretched Pixel is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and professional. They made me comfortable working with the administration on my website.. In a time where responsibility and consistency are very HARD to find, Stretched Pixel is a jewel.”

“Stretched Pixel has the talent, experience, creativity, and knowledge to make your business stand out among your competition. I have referred to Stretched Pixel repeatedly and will continue to do so, I have been beyond satisfied with their work and so have all the businesses that I have referred to them.”

“As a business owner with an online presence, I have used many web development companies over the years. I can say without hesitation that Stretched Pixel is one of the best I have ever used. When you do business hundreds of miles apart, communication is key, and Stretched Pixel is tops in communication. “

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